The ancient Romans were among the first to recognize the quality of the red soil of western Istria, the abundance of sun, and the ideal climate for growing vineyards and producing top-quality wines. This true Istrian love for wine has persisted until the present day.

The successful story of Vivoda wines began back in 1952 and continues uninterrupted to this day. In the past, all the people of Rovinj, from fishermen and laborers to the gentry, enjoyed Vivoda wines. And as word spreads, so did the circle of Vivoda wine enthusiasts, reaching far beyond Rovinj, Istria, and even Croatia.

You can taste Vivoda wines in almost all the finest hotels and restaurants in the Rovinj area and along the entire western coast of Istria. And, of course, you can always taste them at the Vivoda winery in Rovinj.

In every bottle of Vivoda family wines, you will find a true love for wine, a long-standing tradition, the harmony of the Istrian sun, the blessings of the climate, and the skill and knowledge ...

Wine production and viticulture are a centuries-old tradition and culture on our peninsula. Until now, Eastern Istria has not been recognized as a wine and gastronomy destination, which justified our vision to change that story and put the Labin area on the wine map of Istria. Our family, the Fuhtars, embarked on our serious wine journey in Nedešćina in 2015 when Piero took over the production from his father, Valter. Over the course of several years, we have expanded our vineyards, increased production, and diversified our range. In 2017, we introduced our first labels to the market. We started with 1,000 vines, and currently, we cultivate over 2 hectares of our own vineyards with continuous growth.

Our vineyards are located at an altitude of approximately 300 meters in Nedešćina, Šumber, and Kršan, on shallow bauxite soils, which impart a unique characteristic to our wines. The microclimate in our vineyards is specific because it simultaneously experiences the influence of...

Located on a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, not far from the village of Kostanjica and near the town of Grožnjan, you will find our estate. This place is a haven for those seeking direct contact with nature and enjoying the enchanting challenges it offers.

We are delighted to offer you typical Istrian delicacies produced on our agritourism farm. Here, you can indulge in homemade prosciutto, cheese, ombolo (pork loin), a variety of award-winning wines from our winery, as well as extra virgin olive oil and various herbal brandies.

The Roxanich winery represents a proud heritage of more than two decades of winemaking, in one of the world’s most picturesque viticultural landscapes. Nestled between the heartland of Istrian winemaking and the Venetian coasts, Mladen Rožanić continues not only to produce strictly limited quantities of wines with heritages stretching back hundreds of years, but also to evolve with new varieties only just breaking into the global wine scene, producing authentic wines in harmony with nature.

Monte Rosso is located in the northwestern part of Istria in the village Crveni Vrh, not far from Savudrija. Our estate is on a unified property of 65 hectares, with red soil, in a special favourable microclimatic position. Here you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea or beautifully formed plantations.

We have Malvasia and Montepulciano vineyards, over 14,000 olive trees, 2,000 cherry trees, several varieties, 600 fig trees, 650 almond trees and other agricultural crops in smaller quantities.

Today, we are recognized for our products on the international market with awards for our wines and extra virgin olive oils.

For more than a century, the Brčić family has been producing their exceptional wines in Nova Vas near Poreč. With a commitment to passing down their expertise in vine cultivation and processing from father to son, the family ensures that each generation upholds the tradition of producing the finest quality wines.

Their olive groves and vineyards of Malvazija, Muškat, Chardonnay, Merlot, Borgonja, Teran, and Cabernet Souvignon thrive in the fertile red soil of the sun-drenched fields between Nova Vas and Višnjan. The family cultivates these grapes with great love and care, resulting in the exceptional flavors that are the hallmark of their wines.

Using a blend of traditional and modern methods, the family carefully tends to each crop,...

Our story begins in 2014, when we re-planted a vineyard on our old family estate that stretches over three hectares. Our wine and other products bear the name In Sylvis (lat. In forests) The vineyard is located in the village of Sveti Petar u Šumi, in the heart of the Istrian peninsula. Somewhat distant from the settlement itself, it is surrounded by nature and a peaceful feeling that only a forest can provide. Out of this feeling of tranquility our vision emerged: we are set to lend all the best that the Istrian soil has to offer and with immeasurable love and dedication produce wine that will conquer with its personality, taste and smell.

Do you wish to visit us, taste our wine or drop by to see our forest vineyard? Wine tasting sessions are held daily, with prior announcement, for individuals and groups of up to 30 people.

The wine offer includes In Sylvis Istrian Malvasia and Teran, as well as matured malvasia Arbor (lat. wood).

Come and visit us: fulfill your day with I...

Capo vineyards are located near to the wine cellar in a small village Fernetići, Brtonigla in western Istria. More than 15 years old vineyards in the deep red soil give grapes of exceptional quality and maturity. The vineyards are situated on gentle slopes facing the Adriatic Sea. The climate is Mediterranean and very favorable for growing high quality grapes.

The traditional vineyard processing is applied and the cultivation form is one-Guyot. This provides a complete balance between quantity and quality of grapes. The yields per vine are max. 2 kg. The vine growers who cultivate vineyards, respect the strict technical requirements, related to the position (location) and the age of each vineyard. Such specific practice involves defoliation and yield control by earlier cluster thinning when it is needed.

Meneghetti is the synonym for our philosophy – a quality of life in harmony with the nature that surrounds and protects it. This land, so diverse in its beauty and so beautiful in its diversity, is best represented by its most important products – wine and olive oil – in their natural surroundings. The potential of this special seaside terroir bathed in the scent of Mediterranean herbs is so high that it would be a sin to limit it exclusively to tradition. Meneghetti see tradition as a link between the knowledge of different generations, some of which have already given their share and some of which have yet to do so. In order to give true meaning to tradition, it must be cherished, developed, and enriched with modern ideas. That is why our wine has an extraordinary personality, and that is why we want to produce wines that reflect the character of Istria while simultaneously crossing its borders.

The family farm Pilato is located on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula, in the village Lašići near Poreč. The story begins with the great grandfather, Ivan Pilato, who plants the first vineyards. In the beginning, the family also deals with farming and animal husbandry, as does the majority of the families in Istria at the time. In the ‘60s, however, son Končeto turns to winemaking and expands his vineyards as well as the production of wine. In 1994, his son Eliđo starts gradually investing in knowledge, technology and machinery – bottles the first wine, and subsequently turns it to serious manufacturing of quality wine, which later finds its place on the domestic as well as foreign market. The indigenous Istrian varieties – Malvasia and Terrano, along with international varieties such as Chardonnay, white Pinot, white Sauvignon, white Muscat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, are grown on more than 20 ha of vineyards.

Tradition of wine making has been our legacy throughout generations. Wine is produced in the family for centuries, mostly for personal use.

The youngest daughter Ana decided to attend the school of agriculture and to study viticulture at the College in Poreč, which led us to the decision to continue the production of wines with high quality in mind.

We planted the vineyard according to the highest standards, invested in the purchase of modern winery equipment, and equipped the cellar with quality wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks that control the temperature of fermentation and wine storage.

The love that ties us with wine and vineyards, as well as our dedication to work has yielded excellent results in the first produced quantities that we offered to the market. Those results were followed by praise and acknowledgements.

The story of winegrowing in the Markežić family dates back as far as 1891 when the first cornerstone was laid with the Momjan Muscat.

Since then up to the present day hardworking and patient hands have been weaving this incredible wine story inspired by the desire to distinguish oneself by being genuine and unique. We managed to shape our own recognizable style through the brand KABOLA.

We welcome you warmly to the Kabola Winery to taste our wines and to enjoy them at your choice combined with Istrian delicacies (Istrian ham, extra-virgin olive oil). We shall do our best to meet your wishes in the best possible way. Please make sure to reserve your spot on time. For more informations contact us on

Grape-growing and winemaking have long been the economic mainstay of generations of families in Istria. Traditionally passed down from father to son, vineyards were cultivated and worked by hand, often with little or no mechanisation, well into the mid-twentieth century. Established in 1850, Franc Arman Vineyards and Winery, headed today by Franc and Oliver Arman, continues the family tradition and core values set out by founding father Edoardo, while taking the art and science of winemaking to new levels.

Winery excellence, innovation and the production of award-winning, distinctive wines is brought to fruition in the family’s new state-of- the-art wine cellar. Here, five metres underground, in stainless steel fermenting tanks and oak barrels, the iconic Istrian varietals are crafted and matured.

Cattunar Franco and his wife Vesna began producing wine professionally in 1985, as some of the first private wine growers and makers in Croatia.

The vineyards cover 56 hectares and include indigenous varieties such as Malvazija istarska, Teran, Muscat Blanc of Momiano, and Muscat Rose of Poreč, as well as other varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery produces still and sparkling wines, with an annual production of 350,000 liters. The unique location of the vineyards on four different types of soil - red, white, gray, and black - adds to the winery's character.

The Cattunar winery is situated in Nova Vas, close to Brtonigla. The newly-built wine cellar has a capacity of 5,000 hl and is surrounded by more than 56 hectares of vineyards. The winery organizes visits with wine tasting just 5-6 km from the sea. The visit starts with a general presentation of the winery and wine cellar, followed by a presentation of the wines produced and wine tasting. Visits are ...

OH WINES is a charming small-scale winery that boasts a picturesque 6-hectare vineyard and an annual production of 10,000 bottles. Our diverse range of wines includes the finest Malvazija Istarska, Chardonnay, Teran, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

On the sunny western plateaus at the foot of Vižinada in the village of Ohnići, our family traditionally cultivates vineyards, beloved for the touch of the sea, which provide us with award-winning premium wines in rich geoclimatic conditions.

Our beliefs are rooted in the family's love for a healthy way of cultivating vineyards in harmony with the rhythms of nature, which give wine originality and a generous invitation to socialize and celebrate. Meanwhile, our prudent approach to refinement in the cellar, using modern technology and expert know-how, produces wine of exceptional quality and ambitious, refined character.

Our vision is to continuously build on the blessings of nature, creating fresh and drinkable wines while always...

Winery is located in the village of Lašići, not far from Vižinada, on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. The winery produces 70 000 l of wine annually. Apart from the production of wine, Sošić family deals with the production of liqueurs and olive oil. In the production of wines, liqueurs and olive oil, the first place places quality. Wines in the Sošić family offer: Malvasia, Chardonnay, Muškat, Merlot, Merlot Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon, Teran, La Malvasie exclusive and Perlage (sparkling wine).Among the numerous traditional liqueurs can be found Biska, Medica, Kušovača, Boroviček, Ulika, Bazga, Kruškovac, Rakija, Šljivovica and inevitable Teranino.

Our vineyards are now spread over an area of 12 ha of Istrian red soil rich in minerals and saturated with lime stone. We obey the laws of organic farming because we want to preserve the authenticity and naturalness that the vineyards give us.

For the white varieties, we decided to plant our indigenous Malvasia, while a smaller part belongs to Chardonnay. With the black varieties prevalent is the Teran, a native variety with great potential. We also cultivate merlot, syrah, and cabernet sauvignon grapes, which benefit from the region's mineral-rich soil and proximity to the sea. This unique terroir allows the grapes to develop their flavors and aromas to their fullest potential, making them a crucial component in the powerful blends produced in this part of Istria.

Walking trough long wine expanses and hitting creeks clusters from which you interpret their radiant charm, we actually realize that they alone are the true witnesses of the little idyll of our story, because t...

The story of the Benvenuti winery is a story of family, tradition and terroir. We are situated in the quiet Istrian village of Kaldir, overlooking nearby Motovun, where we grow three grape varieties - Malvasia Istriana, Teran and Muscat. Throughout history, these varieties have been giving the best results in Istria and it is therefore our intention to use the advantages of this unique territory sustainably, with gratitude for being a small part of it.

Family values and tradition are the key "condiments" of Benvenuti wines. They are the foundation upon which we produce our wines which in their grape variety reflect the abundance of our vineyards, located on several specific micro-locations. One of these, San Salvatore, is the heart of our varieties. The terraced configuration and the white soil, along with the micro-climate, give the grapes character which translates to very mineral, fresh wines, fully expressive of the characteristics of the varieties. These characteristics are expres...

The area of Velanov Brijeg is a hill and a village bearing the same name, located south of the town of Pazin at 470 meters above sea level. The proven quality of our wines is a blend of specific climate, soil, technology, and especially love and respect for the grapevine. In 1924, Ciril Velan has built a house and a family basement where wine is produced for own use and for sale. We have 65,000 vines of various varieties, especially Malvazija, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Muškat. The committed work of the whole family results in the production of high quality wines that are always successful in Croatia and the world. Besides the production of wine as the main product of our economy, we also produce honey and other bee products.

On the hill that rises above the Mirna valley, the Istrian town Vižinada is located. It is a place with one of the most beautiful views of Blue and Green Istria. On the fertile "white" land of the sunny slopes of the Vižinada and the southern slopes of the Mirna River since 1885. the Rossi family cares for the tradition of breeding indigenous Istrian varieties of wine. One should also visit Vižinada during the manifestation "Sweet Istria" when its streets are enchanted by the scent of cakes.

Experience the authentic taste of Istria with Rossi's exceptional wines, and indulge in a variety of Istrian brandies including Biska, Medenica, Ruta, and Lozovača made from the finest Maltese yellow grapes, as well as Komovica crafted from Istrian Malvasia grapes, and Erba Luigia infused with citron leaves. To top it off, enjoy Teranino, a delicious liqueur crafted from the famed Teran wine variety, and the popular Istrian travarica.

Our brand represents a genuine way of wine production, made with personal intense attention to detail, design and care. These wines are born on a location called Santa Lucia, near Buje. As an area with white Istrian soil, this location is known like the mother of exceptional wines and producer of a unique Malvazija. Santa Lucia is the patron saint of family's wine portfolio – bottles that are filled with experiences, dreams and lasting memories that persist as a taste of a true artist's imagination and Istrian wine's magic. Indulge your senses with a magical experience by tasting our wines. In addition, we are also producers of olive oil, which we have named Amfiterra, characterized with a unique fresh flavour, richness and mistery.

We are a family-owned and operated boutique winery that specializes in producing high-quality wines from local grape varietals in the Istrian region. Our commitment to winemaking stems from our passion for the land and the traditional practices we uphold. In addition to our wines, we have expanded our offerings to include spirits such as grappa. At our winery, we believe that being boutique means crafting limited series of bottles with personalized attention and individualized service. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Our tasting room and wine shops are open every day, so we invite you to come and experience our wines for yourself.

Winemaking is a dream with a deadline.

Our story has no traditional beginning. It is not a fairy tale featuring humble ancestors and their hardworking descendants continuing the tradition. We are crazy and courageous spirits who know they cannot go back to create the perfect beginning. We moved on from the place where the dream found us, positive we can create the perfect ending, the one you will find right into your glass.

Some call it business; we call it winemaking, the adventure in which we have dared to put our hearts on top of all the rules and regulations. Over and over again, for more then fifteen years now.

The Peršurić family produces wine in the village of Ženodraga.

The first generation planted vines of Malvazija Istarska and BorgonjA at the location of Lokvina, the second generation planted plantations at the location of Prcanka and Kanal.

In the third - current generation, the wine varieties of Chardonnay, Muscat, Merlot, Terano and Cabernet Sauvignon were planted (current owner and winemaker Mario Peršurić). All wines have the ZOI label, a protected designation of origin - Vinogorje wes...

Vina Baćac is located in the area of ​​Pićan municipality, precisely in Kukurini, where the weather conditions allow the production of top quality wines. The Baćac family has 4 hectares of own vineyards located in the vicinity of the Kukurini. The vineyards are 280 meters above the sea level. Family vineyards are located on a white land, allowing them to produce top quality wines. From generation to generation, the knowledge and love of the Istrian country and the production of wine were transmitted. The taste is full, rich, harmonious and complex, and the wine is soft and long. We are currently producing white wines Malvasia, Yellow Muscat, White Muscat, and Cabernet sauvignon and Merlot as red wines. The tradition of Baćac family has been nurtured for three generations, which has resulted in winning gold medals at numerous competitions like gold medals at Vinstra in 2016. for Malvasia, and gold medals for Yellow Muscat in 2013. and at Dionizijana 2017. White Muscat was declared the best at Vinistra in 2...

The Tomaz winery has been in operation since 2009, but our family has a rich history of winemaking that extends far beyond that. Klaudio's grandfather, Petar, was a skilled winemaker who played a key role in starting this winemaking journey. He passed away at the age of 98, leaving behind an immense wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Today, the Tomaz family owns 16 hectares of vineyards situated on the sun-drenched slopes of Motovun, a charming ancient town surrounded by historic city walls in the heart of Istria. The Mirna River runs through the valley, creating a unique microclimate that combines warm sea air from Novigrad with cool mountain air from Učka and our clay soil, making it the perfect environment for successful wine production.

Our winery produces approximately 100,000 bottles per year, including our most renowned varieties such as Malvazija, Teran, Muskat, as well as Rose and Merlot. We offer guided tastings for groups of at least 15 people and kindly ask that you contact Kl...

Originally produced to fulfill the requirements of a personal catering business, wine quickly became the sole focus of the Degrassi winery in the early 1990s. The first vintage bearing the Degrassi label was released in 1996.

Since the beginning, the Degrassi winery has been committed to producing wines of exceptional quality while maintaining a tradition of continuity. The wines produced at the Degrassi cellar bring people together, creating memorable moments that are rooted in a mutual appreciation for wine and the ritual of its enjoyment.

Exquisite wine from a dry and hard, but blessed region. Drinking it, a person drinks in the laughter and the song, and after a third glass, greets the world around him with the same laughter and song... ”

For generations, wine-making has been a tradition in our family. The legacy of our ancestors lives on through our wine-making knowledge and traditions, resulting in a wide variety of wines. Our selection includes classic Istrian varieties such as Malvasia, Teran, and Yellow Muscat. Our vineyards are situated on the sunny slopes of Čepić near Oprtalj, in the north-western part of Istria, and produce only the finest grapes.

Nestled in the charming town of Oprtalj, our restaurant Loggia and Coslovich Shop are located in the heart of the town's picturesque setting. The town offers a glimpse into the enchanting beauty of a small Istrian town, exuding an atmosphere of past times and unforgettable landscapes.

All our wines can be tasted in our tasting room in Oprtalj.


Collis estate benefits from a highly advantageous location for grape cultivation, with a unique climate, quality grape varieties, and a long-standing family tradition of wine-making, all contributing to the production of premium wines. The winery offers five distinct types of wine, including Malvasia, Rosé made from Teran, Trinitas (also known as "Holy Trinity"), which is a red blend of Merlot, Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon, pure Teran, and Malvasia aged in acacia barrels. These wines can be sampled at the country estate Collis, located near the winery amidst the western highlands of Istria, near Rovinj.

Collis estate, surrounded by stunning natural scenery, is a tranquil oasis where the Mastilović family has created a welcoming home, vineyards, olive groves, and a winery. Juraj, the son of Mirko and Carmen, was inspired by the beauty of the natural environment and his family's heritage of wine-making, which led him to pursue it as a profession. The family transformed their small fa...