Wine production and viticulture are a centuries-old tradition and culture on our peninsula. Until now, Eastern Istria has not been recognized as a wine and gastronomy destination, which justified our vision to change that story and put the Labin area on the wine map of Istria. Our family, the Fuhtars, embarked on our serious wine journey in Nedešćina in 2015 when Piero took over the production from his father, Valter. Over the course of several years, we have expanded our vineyards, increased production, and diversified our range. In 2017, we introduced our first labels to the market. We started with 1,000 vines, and currently, we cultivate over 2 hectares of our own vineyards with continuous growth.

Our vineyards are located at an altitude of approximately 300 meters in Nedešćina, Šumber, and Kršan, on shallow bauxite soils, which impart a unique characteristic to our wines. The microclimate in our vineyards is specific because it simultaneously experiences the influence of continental climate from Učka Mountain and the Mediterranean climate from the sea, which has a beneficial effect on grape development.

We offer five regular wine labels: Istrian Malvasia, Teran, Merlot, Rosé, and Yellow Muscat, and we also produce a special line of wines aged for one year in the sea, which makes us unique. The quality of our wines has been recognized at various wine events, such as Vinistra, where we have won numerous gold awards for our wines.