Millefrutti Brandy (Aura distillery)

When the desire and the feeling for something fantastic awaken, after much of thought, with much good will and a bit of luck, a brandy is born that pleases you and honours us. This supreme brandy contains 15 types of different wild fruit macerating for 6 months in pomace, after which it is distilled again and placed into barrique French oak barrels to age for 3 years.


Epulon liqueur 0,7l (Rossi Winery)

Pelinkovac (wormwood-based liqueur) Epulon of the Rossi family pays homage to Epulon, Istria’s legendary king.

His fight for freedom against the all-powerful Roman Empire is reflected in the fight between the sweet and bitter taste of this elegant liqueur.

The nose is dominated by wormwood, followed by vanilla, caramel, and citrus notes.

The hard bitterness of wormwood is finely balanced with soothing notes of citrus fruits, anise, vanilla, and caramel.

It finishes with an intriguingly unresolved, sweet-bitter, and long-lasting aftertaste.

The suggested serving temperature is 8- 10 °C.

It should be served chilled and neat or with ice, with an orange or lemon peel.

Goes well in combination with dried fruit or as a digestive after a rich meal.

Gin Nostromo 0,5l (Rossi Winery)

Nostromo of the Rossi family, the first Istrian craft gin, is paying homage to the 19th and 20th-century Istrian seamen who brought the taste of the new world to Istria.

The warmth and richness of taste immediately reveal the top-varietal character of this gin.

A typical blueberry aroma is followed by coriander and orange peel, a Mediterranean note of rosemary and dried flowers as well as traces of liquorice and anise.

The eight-times distilled malvasia gives this gin that special, subtle touch of Istria, while some pleasant bitterness with a hint of star anise rounds up its specific, long-lasting aftertaste. 

Suggested serving temperature is 8- 10°C.

It should be served chilled and neat, or with best tonics in combination with rosemary, orange peel, or 2- 3 blueberries, or with orange marmalade and lime juice.

Goes well alone or paired with grilled scampi, oysters, various meat dishes, hummus, figs, prosciutto, or salmon.

Erba Luigia Lemongrass Brandy 0,2l(Rossi Winery)

Erba Luigia of the Rossi family is a traditionally produced Istrian spirit made from quadruple-distilled Istrian grape marc enriched with macerated lemon verbena leaves (Lippia citriodora). It has a clear light greenish color, fresh and lively. The scent is impressive, dominated by lime, lemon leaves, and other citrus fruits, dry and warm on the palate, with a rounded and long finish. The recommended serving temperature is 8-10 °C. It is served chilled and pure, without ice. It goes well on its own or traditionally combined with asparagus omelet.

Biska special brandy 0,7l (Rossi Winery)

Biska of the Rossi family is a traditionally produced Istrian spirit made from four times distilled Istrian Malvazija pomace brandy enriched by mistletoe (Viscum album) leaf maceration.

A deep caramel color characterizes it.

With an intense aroma dominated by notes of honey, chocolate-coated sour cherries, and some herbal and grassy notes, it is clear and thick.

On the palate, slightly sweet, elegant, warm, gentle, and rounded.

The suggested serving temperature is 10 – 12 °C.

It should be served chilled and neat, no ice.

It goes well alone or paired with aged cheeses and red meat.

At room temperature, it ideally pairs with premium cigars.  

Amaro Istriano Liqueur 0,7l (Rossi Winery)

Amaro Istriano of the Rossi family is a fine digestive, made according to rich recipes of old Italian Amaro bitter liqueurs. A well-balanced aroma is imbued with scents of berries, herbs, and roots, with a citrus finish, on the palate reminiscent of green walnut, almond, encian, Mediterranean herbs, and roots. A long and fine finish characterizes the liqueur with an elegant citrus bitter-sweet aftertaste.

The suggested serving temperature is 8 – 10 °C. It should be served chilled and neat or with ice and an orange peel. Goes well in combination with dried fruit or as a digestive after a rich meal.

Quercus (Cattunar Winery)

After pressing white grapes and separating the unfermented must, the sweet pomace is transferred to closed containers called "vrionik." A month after the start of fermentation, the pomace is extracted from the container and put into a still for distillation. During the distillation process, the first part of the distillate (the head) and the last part (the tails or "flema"), which contains less than 30% alcohol, are separated. The middle part of the distillate is used for consumption and stored in stainless steel barrels. Before bottling, the brandy is filtered. The brandy must age for at least 8 years in oak barrels (such as acacia, cherry, or oak) before consumption.