Gin Nostromo 0,5l (Rossi Winery)

Nostromo of the Rossi family, the first Istrian craft gin, is paying homage to the 19th and 20th-century Istrian seamen who brought the taste of the new world to Istria.

The warmth and richness of taste immediately reveal the top-varietal character of this gin.

A typical blueberry aroma is followed by coriander and orange peel, a Mediterranean note of rosemary and dried flowers as well as traces of liquorice and anise.

The eight-times distilled malvasia gives this gin that special, subtle touch of Istria, while some pleasant bitterness with a hint of star anise rounds up its specific, long-lasting aftertaste. 

Suggested serving temperature is 8- 10°C.

It should be served chilled and neat, or with best tonics in combination with rosemary, orange peel, or 2- 3 blueberries, or with orange marmalade and lime juice.

Goes well alone or paired with grilled scampi, oysters, various meat dishes, hummus, figs, prosciutto, or salmon.