The Wine & Bike Tour Erdut 8.-9. September

The Wine & Bike Tour Program in Erdut 2023 will take place from September 8th to September 9th, and visitors can once again expect a rich mosaic composed of a theatrical and musical program, a cycling-wine race, a sparkling breakfast, and open days of the Erdut vineyard cellars. Particularly noteworthy are the performance of the Kerekesh Theater's "Neighbors" play and a concert by Amira Medunjanin.




11. Night of wine Ilok cellars 25.8.2023.

The 56th Ilok Grape Harvest Festival is about to commence, inviting wine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a celebration of Ilok's rich winemaking heritage. The event showcases wines from Ilok Cellars, known for infusing the essence of the Danube and the legacy of tradition into their creations.

The event takes place against the backdrop of historic 500-year-old walls and ancient cellars, set in the shade of time-honored walnut and hazelnut trees. The 11th Night of Wine promises a memorable experience.

Guests can sample a selection of 7 remarkable WINE varieties while enjoying the captivating rhythms of the Sing Song Swing band, creating an exceptional jazz atmosphere. Guided tours of historic wine cellars offer an insightful journey through time. Culinary delights from local restaurants add to the experience, and a special surprise awaits after midnight.

The event is scheduled for August 25th at TN Stari Podrum, starting from 9:00 PM. Tickets can be reserved at: