The Wine & Bike Tour Erdut 8.-9. September

The Wine & Bike Tour Program in Erdut 2023 will take place from September 8th to September 9th, and visitors can once again expect a rich mosaic composed of a theatrical and musical program, a cycling-wine race, a sparkling breakfast, and open days of the Erdut vineyard cellars. Particularly noteworthy are the performance of the Kerekesh Theater's "Neighbors" play and a concert by Amira Medunjanin.




11. Night of wine Ilok cellars 25.8.2023.

The 56th Ilok Grape Harvest Festival is about to commence, inviting wine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a celebration of Ilok's rich winemaking heritage. The event showcases wines from Ilok Cellars, known for infusing the essence of the Danube and the legacy of tradition into their creations.

The event takes place against the backdrop of historic 500-year-old walls and ancient cellars, set in the shade of time-honored walnut and hazelnut trees. The 11th Night of Wine promises a memorable experience.

Guests can sample a selection of 7 remarkable WINE varieties while enjoying the captivating rhythms of the Sing Song Swing band, creating an exceptional jazz atmosphere. Guided tours of historic wine cellars offer an insightful journey through time. Culinary delights from local restaurants add to the experience, and a special surprise awaits after midnight.

The event is scheduled for August 25th at TN Stari Podrum, starting from 9:00 PM. Tickets can be reserved at:

We invite you to an unforgettable wine and music evening, "Wine Garden | Motovun Wine Experience," which will take place on Saturday, August 11th, 2023, starting at 8:30 PM, at the enchanting location of the Motovun city walls.

This special event is organized by the Winemakers of Motovun and the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Motovun, as part of the celebration of Motovun Municipality Day. At the top of the magical Motovun, under the stars, you will have the opportunity to indulge in top-quality wines presented by the finest wineries from Motovun.

The musical ambiance will be provided by the brilliant duo Last Minute from Rijeka, whose acoustic performances will create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Don't forget to taste the delicious charcuterie delicacies prepared by OPG Žminjski gušti from Žminj, which will complement your overall experience.

Wine tasting will be available upon purchasing a tasting glass for 7 EUR...

Wine stories 21.-22.7.2023 Gračišće

In the wine stories, visitors will enjoy this weekend - July 21st and 22nd, starting at 7:00 PM. Gračišće will then become a gathering place for local winemakers and producers of local products such as prosciutto, olive oil, honey, and sweets, and there will be no shortage of good music!

At the festival itself, visitors will have the opportunity to taste quality wines from the central Istrian wine scene. Besides fine wine, they will also savor Istrian sausages, prosciutto, and other authentic delicacies.

Wine Music 20.7.2023. Pazin

We invite you to a wine and music event that will take place on July 20, 2023, in Pazin, precisely at Pazin Castle. This unique event combines classical music performed by the Zagreb Chamber Orchestra, top-quality wines from Anđelini Winery, and the beautiful ambiance of Pazin Castle. The program starts at 8:30 PM.

The Zagreb Chamber Orchestra will perform exceptional compositions by classical and contemporary composers that will enchant you with their exquisite beauty and sensuality. Experienced musicians will take you on a journey through various musical eras, from Mozart to Piazzolla, creating a unique musical experience.

But this is not just an ordinary concert. We have prepared a special surprise for all wine enthusiasts. Alongside the beautiful music and the ambiance of Pazin Castle, you will have the opportunity to taste premium wines from Anđelini. All wine lovers will be able to sample different varieties, get to know their characteristics, and savor the perfect harmony of flavors an...

Wine city Pula 𝟭𝟯. 7. - 𝟲. 8.2023

Excellent wines, as well as cocktails, and bites by Damir Tomljanović await you in Pula.

The renowned wine festival Vinski grad is returning to Titov Park in Pula from July 13th to August 6th. The festival will be open from 7:00 PM until 1:00 AM, giving wine enthusiasts the opportunity to taste fine wines from all Croatian regions, with a focus on local wineries.

Istrian wineries that will be featured include Benvenuti, Cattunar, Franc Arman, Pilato, Marčeta, Matić, Medea, Benazić, Rossi, and IQ-Istrian Quality (Kozlović, Capo, Fakin, Damjanić, Matošević, Tomaz, Zigante,...). Additionally, for those curious to explore wines from other parts of Croatia, there will be wineries such as Stina, Štampar, Kopjar, Markota, Kutjevo, Jakopić, and Badel.

The international selection includes the Italian Prosecco producer Astoria, Lillet from France, Vinakoper, Klet brda, and Kotolenko.

Cocktails will also be available, prepared by House of Prosecco and Gin in collaborati...

Ilok Delicium Mundi 7.-8.7.2023

The "Ilok Delicium Mundi" event harmoniously blends the essence of Srijem and the Croatian Danube region, exalting the spirit of summer while proudly presenting internationally acclaimed winemakers, esteemed wineries, and the culinary delights of Srijem.

During this remarkable gathering, esteemed winemakers from Ilok will converge, offering captivating wine tastings. These gifted individuals can truly be regarded as wine artists, as they craft Croatia's most emblematic wines within their vineyards, garnished with countless accolades and honors, ultimately showcasing Croatia's splendor to the world.

Wine Evening of Slavonia and Danube Region & Art on July 8, 2023, in Osijek

The Osijek-Baranja County Tourist Board, in collaboration with its partners, has curated yet another enchanting blend of wine, art, and captivating atmosphere at this year's inaugural Wine & Art Evening.

VINATLON 23.-24.6.2023 Baranja -Općina Kneževi Vinogradi- Zmajevac

Wine delight awaits you this weekend, on June 24th and 25th, in the beautiful region of Baranja. The traditional Vinatlon, which has already become a must-visit destination for wine lovers, is preparing a rich and diverse program this year.

Osijek-Baranja County promises interesting wine stories, exhibitions, and a varied selection of gastronomic delicacies from Baranja. Additionally, a conference titled "Wine Tourism - Local Approach and European Perspectives" will take place on June 23rd at the modern Belje Winery in Kamenac.

Prior to the conference, cities and municipalities from eastern Croatia will sign the Charter of Cooperation for Wine Destinations, known as "Inter Vitis - Charter of Cooperation in the Development and Promotion of Sustainable Wine Tourism," establishing partnerships with other wine regions in Europe.

The best winemakers and wines will be awarded at a ceremony in the old cellar of Belje in Kneževe Vinograde, taking place on Friday at 7 PM....

The wine city Zagreb 2023 15.6.-2.7.2023

After last year's success, the renowned wine festival "Vinski grad" is returning to Zagreb, specifically to a specially arranged meadow in Franjo Tuđman Park in Črnomerec, from June 15th to July 2nd, 2023.

The festival will be open from 5 PM to 1 AM, during which time enthusiasts of refined socializing will have the opportunity to taste fine wines from all Croatian regions.

The festival, which has been captivating visitors for nine years, is intended for a wide range of people who don't necessarily have to be wine connoisseurs but enjoy and want to consume good wines at promotional prices.

Upon entering "Vinski grad," it is necessary to rent a glass wine glass for 5€, and consumption is paid by card at each booth to make the entire process as efficient as possible. Over 500 wines are available by the glass and bottle.

The night atmosphere at the wine festival "Vinski grad"

The responsibility for the excellent atmosphere ...

Wine fest "IN VINO VERITAS" 09.06.2023. - 10.06.2023. / Punat

While last year's Festival was a gathering of winemakers from Ilok, Baranja and Erdut and the presentation of small family wineries from the east of Croatia, this year's "IN VINO VERITAS" festival focuses on its own, very interesting Kvarner winemakers united under the "Kvarner Wines" association and brand.

In the center of Punat, Kvarner wineries will be presented: Pavlomir Winery from Novi Vinodolski and from nearby Vrbnik - PZ Vrbnik, Gospoja Winery, Ivan Katunar Wine House, Estate Winery Katunar and Šipun.

55th Exhibition of Wines from Continental Croatia - June 16, 2023.

The awards for the top-rated wines will be presented at a special evening ceremony as part of the Exhibition of Wines from Continental Croatia, which will take place on Friday, June 16th, at the "Kraluš" Hall (Vatrogasna 3) starting at 6 PM. The hall has been repurposed and now serves as a venue for business meetings of winemakers, grape growers, and other participants in the wine production and distribution industry.

Visitors, upon purchasing a ticket for 15 euros and a glass deposit of 5 euros, will have unlimited wine tasting opportunities. An important part of the exhibition is gastronomy, and attendees will have the chance to sample numerous culinary specialties alongside wine tasting. TS Slavonske Lole and the female vocal ensemble Lera will provide great music, and the program will be hosted by Jelena Glišić.

Wine Month of Osijek-Baranja County 13.5-24.6.2023

Wine Month of Osijek-Baranja County

  • In early June, we are heading to the Baranja wine region, where the 7th edition of Baranja Wine & Walk awaits us on June 3rd. Discover the best wine to pair with Danube fish on June 10th at the Erdut wine region during the Aljmaš Fishermen's Night. Earlier on the same day, take a look into the "Bure kulture" event on June 10th at the viewpoint in the lush and picturesque vineyards of Belje winery.
  • The official highlight of spring wine events in Osijek-Baranja County will occur on June16th when Osijek-Baranja County and Osijek become hosts of the international GO Grow de Monde conference dedicated to Graševina, also known as Welschriesling or Italian Riesling, a beloved Croatian wine variety.
  • In a joyful rhythm, the second half of June will continue, bringing us another edition of Vinatlon on June 23rd-24th in Zmajevac, Baranja, where you will be able to visit numerous wine cellars and participate in ...

55th Fair and Exhibition of Zagorje Wines in Bedekovčina 2023. 2.-3.6.2023

The 55th Fair and Exhibition of Zagorje Wines will take place on June 2nd - 3rd in Bedekovčina, starting at 5 pm, where visitors can taste the best and internationally awarded Zagorje wines.

Zagorje is now an exceptionally rich wine region, producing some of the highest quality, best, most expensive, and internationally awarded Croatian wines. Zagorje can also be called the birthplace of world grape varieties, as Zagorska Belina (also known as Začretje and Smudna Belina) is the parent of eighty world grape varieties.

As part of the 55th Fair and Exhibition of Zagorje Wines, there will be a Wine & Paint art workshop and a workshop on the topic of "Zagorje Sparkling Wines."

Kincses Pince Wine Festival 3.-4.6.-2023

Kincses pince is a unique wine sales festival in Croatia that will take place on June 3rd and 4th in the main square of Stjepan Radić in Crikvenica.

Organized by the Association Gazdinski krug DZMH (Democratic Community of Hungarians in Croatia) from Bilje, the Kincses pince - Wine Festival Crikvenica will gather around twenty exhibitors, including Hungarian winemakers from Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine (Szabó Winery - Croatia, Kováts Winery - Croatia, Winery of Boross Family - Hungary, Vadnai Csakazértis Winery and organic farm - Hungary, Huzimec Winery - Slovenia, Winegrowers Association Čentiba - Slovenia, Association of Agricultural Organizations of Vajdaság - Serbia, House of Wines South Slovakia - Slovakia, Palik Winery - Slovakia, Féth Winery - Romania, Ludróczki Winery - Romania, Yanka Winery - Romania, Lengyel Winery - Romania, Turul Wineyard - Romania, Balla Géza Winery - Romania, Familia Darabont Winery - R...

Festival of Graševina Wine Kutjevo 3.6.2023

The Queen of Wines, Graševina, deserves its special weekend in Kutjevo. The month of June gathers numerous visitors at the Graševina Square. Of course, like any other event, this festival combines music, dance, wine, and a good gastronomic offer. One of the very interesting activities that has been held for many years is the tractor race – a race of tractors of all types and ages. During the day, visitors can explore the cultural and natural attractions of the city, taste delicious dishes from local producers and restaurants, and experience the most beautiful traditional dances and songs performed by Slavonian cultural and artistic societies. What sets this special event apart is the Night of Open Cellars, an action that allows everyone to freely visit the cellars of Kutjevo and see how much effort, passion, and work the winemakers of Kutjevo invest to make Graševina rank highly among the world's best wines.

The evening is spiced up with good music, socializing, and laugh...