Collis estate benefits from a highly advantageous location for grape cultivation, with a unique climate, quality grape varieties, and a long-standing family tradition of wine-making, all contributing to the production of premium wines. The winery offers five distinct types of wine, including Malvasia, Rosé made from Teran, Trinitas (also known as "Holy Trinity"), which is a red blend of Merlot, Teran and Cabernet Sauvignon, pure Teran, and Malvasia aged in acacia barrels. These wines can be sampled at the country estate Collis, located near the winery amidst the western highlands of Istria, near Rovinj.

Collis estate, surrounded by stunning natural scenery, is a tranquil oasis where the Mastilović family has created a welcoming home, vineyards, olive groves, and a winery. Juraj, the son of Mirko and Carmen, was inspired by the beauty of the natural environment and his family's heritage of wine-making, which led him to pursue it as a profession. The family transformed their small family cellar into a barrique space and converted their garage into a winery, where they produce high-quality wines. They also take special care and affection towards their animals, including the autochthonous Istrian ox, cows, calves, Istrian packhorses, chickens, and dachshunds. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the vineyards and olive groves, savor Collis wine in the shade of old oak trees, relax with a spacious view, or enjoy a romantic sunset with their significant other. Additionally, the estate features a football/handball/tennis court and an opportunity for children to interact with the animals. Juraj Mastilović, who holds an engineering degree in viticulture, serves as the Director of Stancija Collis.