The ancient Romans were among the first to recognize the quality of the red soil of western Istria, the abundance of sun, and the ideal climate for growing vineyards and producing top-quality wines. This true Istrian love for wine has persisted until the present day.

The successful story of Vivoda wines began back in 1952 and continues uninterrupted to this day. In the past, all the people of Rovinj, from fishermen and laborers to the gentry, enjoyed Vivoda wines. And as word spreads, so did the circle of Vivoda wine enthusiasts, reaching far beyond Rovinj, Istria, and even Croatia.

You can taste Vivoda wines in almost all the finest hotels and restaurants in the Rovinj area and along the entire western coast of Istria. And, of course, you can always taste them at the Vivoda winery in Rovinj.

In every bottle of Vivoda family wines, you will find a true love for wine, a long-standing tradition, the harmony of the Istrian sun, the blessings of the climate, and the skill and knowledge of true winemakers.