Winemaking is part of our family for generations. Our great grandfather realised the importance of vineyards in the distant 1914 and insured them. We proudly keep his insurance policy even today.

However, our serious wine story started in 2002 when Željko, after working in other companies (always related to winemaking), founded Vino P&P. He has always been supported by his wife Nevija, who always made sure that good wine is always accompanied by good logistics. The new generation also gives their contribution to wine: sisters Marina and Željka, both teachers and scientists, each help in their own way.

But the young driving force is Paval who entered the family because of love, and on the way, he fell in love with winemaking so he added a diploma in oenology, along with the one in civil engineering, to his résumé.

Today we all together enjoy developing new ideas, widening our product range and improving the production. Our family story will be continued for generations…how wouldn’t it since winemaking is in our genetic code.