The family began cultivating vineyards in the Fuškulin area near Poreč in the early 18th century, becoming one of the top wine houses in the region. Despite their success and international awards, the family's entrepreneurial ways were suppressed during the post-war period, leading to the end of their centuries-old vineyard and winemaking tradition.

In the new millennium, the Damjanić family revived the vineyards on the same fertile land and now has 10.5 hectares of vineyards and a modernly equipped cellar. Their range of wines includes Malvazija Istarska and Borgonja, with plans to expand their vineyards and focus on high-quality production based on a tradition of quality in both the vineyard and cellar.

The current range of wines produced by the Damjanić family includes Malvazija Istarska, Malvazija Istarska "Akacija", Malvazija Istarska "Classic" Chardonnay, Rose "Penelope" Yellow Muscat, Malvazija Istarska "Sincerus", Borgonja, Duro Istriano, Clemente Blanc, and Clemente.
With an emphasis on high-quality production, the Damjanić family uses the latest technology in winemaking, and their results are evident in the medals they have won at domestic and international wine exhibitions.