Rossi Winery &Distillery

On the hill that rises above the Mirna valley, the Istrian town Vižinada is located. It is a place with one of the most beautiful views of Blue and Green Istria. On the fertile "white" land of the sunny slopes of the Vižinada and the southern slopes of the Mirna River since 1885. the Rossi family cares for the tradition of breeding indigenous Istrian varieties of wine. One should also visit Vižinada during the manifestation "Sweet Istria" when its streets are enchanted by the scent of cakes.

Experience the authentic taste of Istria with Rossi's exceptional wines, and indulge in a variety of Istrian brandies including Biska, Medenica, Ruta, and Lozovača made from the finest Maltese yellow grapes, as well as Komovica crafted from Istrian Malvasia grapes, and Erba Luigia infused with citron leaves. To top it off, enjoy Teranino, a delicious liqueur crafted from the famed Teran wine variety, and the popular Istrian travarica.