Kincses Pince Wine Festival 3.-4.6.-2023

Kincses pince is a unique wine sales festival in Croatia that will take place on June 3rd and 4th in the main square of Stjepan Radić in Crikvenica.

Organized by the Association Gazdinski krug DZMH (Democratic Community of Hungarians in Croatia) from Bilje, the Kincses pince - Wine Festival Crikvenica will gather around twenty exhibitors, including Hungarian winemakers from Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine (Szabó Winery - Croatia, Kováts Winery - Croatia, Winery of Boross Family - Hungary, Vadnai Csakazértis Winery and organic farm - Hungary, Huzimec Winery - Slovenia, Winegrowers Association Čentiba - Slovenia, Association of Agricultural Organizations of Vajdaság - Serbia, House of Wines South Slovakia - Slovakia, Palik Winery - Slovakia, Féth Winery - Romania, Ludróczki Winery - Romania, Yanka Winery - Romania, Lengyel Winery - Romania, Turul Wineyard - Romania, Balla Géza Winery - Romania, Familia Darabont Winery - Romania, Fort Silvan Winery - Romania, Artisanal Cheese - Caritas Rural Development - Transylvania / Romania, Bereczky, Orosz, Sass Wineries - Ukraine), as well as the local wine representatives from the Kvarner region gathered in the Kvarner Wines Association. The festival's grand opening will be on June 3rd at 6 pm, and the festival will be held for two days from 5 pm to 11 pm.